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Tea Review – Tazo’s Passion Tea

It’s been a long week.

Well, technically it’s a short week since Monday was a holiday (no work, yay!) but I feel really run down at the moment. (This seems to be quite a theme for me.)

I’m training a coworker to take over my old job since the other person I trained for my job has now been promoted to manager. Now training itself isn’t quite so bad, but it’s the hours that are killing me. I was very excited to get off of this schedule at first since it is so early (I have to be there, 40 mins away, by 5am).

I really didn’t miss being woken up by my alarm clock and looking over at the time to see it flashing 3am at me. I had to start drinking caffeine again this week to try and keep myself going on this schedule, while trying to do my job so I’m not leaving my dear coworker hanging and yet train someone on a job I haven’t technically been in for over 6 months.

The lack of traffic coming home is a nice consolation prize for how I’m feeling right now.

So I decided to self medicate… No not in that way, but with a hot cup of tea and a mellow song to try and take myself to another place all together. My favorite tea of all time is Tazo’s Passion. I love the taste and how it can just relax me every time I drink it.

I decided to start doing reviews of the teas I drink. Maybe I can convince someone else to find the enjoyment in drinking tea, or help someone else find a tea they might also like. I love tea so much, and I just want to share my loves with you guys.

Name: Passion

Company: Tazo

Type: Herbal

Ingredients: (from packet) hibiscus flowers, natural tropical flavors, citric acid, licorice root, orange peel, cinnamon, rose hips, lemongrass, and fruit juice extract (color)

Packaging: Standard tea bags.

Dry Scent: It smells slightly tangy and floral. Not overly floral, but you can tell there is some sort of flower in it.

Brewed Scent: Rich and deep fruity yet slightly floral. It smells like its going to be strongly flavored.

Brewing Temp/Time: Boiling/5 mins. I tend to leave the bag in the cup far longer than the specified time, mostly because I really don’t care if it gets stronger as it sits. I like it strong.

Brewed Color:It brews up a nice dark purple/red color, nice and complex and really shows the hibiscus in the brew and some sort of fruit juice also helps for the color according to the package.

Taste: This is my all time favorite tea. I drink this tea almost daily at work so obviously I love it. The taste is strong and complex, tasting mostly of the hibiscus with the flavor of lemon grass coming through along with the rose hips. It has a tart, citrusy flavor that I’m in love with.
This also makes a delightful iced tea. The tartness mellows out as it cools and tastes slightly more of lemon. It pairs well with lemonade to make a really tasty cold drink.

Additions:I’ve had this with sugar as well as honey, but I much prefer this strong flavor plain. I would definitely not add cream or milk, but I would add some lemon or mix it with some lemonade.

Overall opinion: This has to be my favorite tea. I’ve drank this for the last few years and I’m really in love with it. I would recommend this tea if you have a taste for some strong flavors. It’s not delicate by any means, but then again I’m more into the robust flavors all around.

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