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Spoiled Me

I’m spoiled. I admit that. And unfortunately its painfully obvious to me.

Not long ago I decided to try my hand at baking yeast breads. It was definitely a learning experience. In the end I came across The Fresh Loaf and found this delicious thing.

Berry Cream Cheese Braid
Forgive the weird neon picture, it was taken with an old camera.

Berry Cream Cheese Braid. Holy Mother is it wonderful! I made this for Christmas presents for people, and actually had reports back that when it was shared with their family they didn’t believe someone made this and didn’t buy it from a store. Craziness I tell you. It tastes great with either raspberries or blue berries, but husband and I prefer the raspberries.

So I really am spoiled, because I got used to the wonderful, fresh, not too sweet flavor of this treat.

Well I haven’t made it in a little while and I was hankering for some sweet bread at the store the other day. We picked up this raspberry danish.

Store Bought Danish

It looks tasty and smells good. I can’t eat it. It’s too sweet, the raspberry is like a raspberry gel thing that I really don’t think actually came from a fruit. The bread is dry and lacks flavor other than chemical.

I am so sad because I spoiled myself. Mass processed things just don’t appeal to me anymore! This is good and bad since now I wont be tempted to eat processed sweets nearly as much. But bad because when I get a hankering for something sweet it just wont appeal to me.

Berry Cream Cheese Braid recipe to come later.

Damn you, home baked tastiness!

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