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Personal Project

I have something that I want to share.

This is a project that I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s something that I hold very dear to me and I think I use it almost every time I cook.


This unmarked binder is something that is almost like another limb to me. I have a hard time opening up to others and showing people what I love to do and how I express myself… This book is a huge part of who I am.

Open Book

Does the title look familiar? I hope so. This was the main inspiration for actually starting this site. I wanted some where to keep all of my favorite recipes in one place. My family recipes and other ones that I’ve either found, modified, or just created when I got a bug to make something new all find a home here.

It also has more functions. By getting me into photography more, finding a passion for something, and keeping up on my graphic design skills that had gotten a little rusty since college.

Title Pages

Part of me can’t help the fact that I want to design this into a real book. I love books. I will generally read all of my cook books cover to cover like a novel. Plus the title pages help me remember what I know how to cook.

I get a little absent minded sometimes.

Work In Progess

It is definitely a work in progress, and while I have tons of recipes in there, not all of them are perfect with pictures.

Changing My Mind

I also tend to change my mind on how I make things. I like to continually “improve” my recipes, and it helps to keep it in sleeves so I can write on them and replace them as needed, which is something I couldn’t do if I had actually bound it into a book.


I also love to print out recipes from other places. I like the inspiration and it reminds me “oh yeah I wanted to do that”. There are so many times I found something online and bookmarked it but never got around to making it because I forgot.

Like this recipe for spinach and puff pastry finger foods. The recipe itself doesn’t call to me, but I have ideas on how to make it into something I enjoy. Recipe from Pete Bakes “mini spanakopita wonton-thingers“.


I also like to keep a pad of paper in the back of my book for those times where I’m just winging it and want to remember what I did later so I can either recreate it or change it as needed. This has really saved me so many times when I have these great pictures to add to the book but had no idea what I actually did to make them.

I really can’t help being scatter brained sometimes.

Like I said, this is my own personal project. My baby. I probably will make a few bound copies through Lulu or Kinko’s for friends and family, I don’t know if I’ll post it up here or not. Slightly not that confident I guess.

I’m not here looking to get rich from being a famous blogger, cookbook writer, or some other such thing. I’m here as someone who generally is afraid of people and what they think of me, and am trying to put myself out there. To somehow let others get an idea of who I might be and maybe make a few friends in the process.

Some people may not understand, and thats ok. But some do, and I do. And thanks for wanting to.

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