Jun 20, 2010 - Dinners With Friends, In The Kitchen    Comments Off on New Days, Good Times

New Days, Good Times

Even though I haven’t been active in writing, life has been very active both in and out of the kitchen. Between getting sick (what is my deal with always getting the evil-alien-death-flu?), cooking failures, marriage and the economy… Just trying to survive can be enough of a challenge without adding writing to it.

Life has mellowed out, I’m another year older, and things are…better. It could also just be the change of seasons that is getting to me. The first day of summer is tomorrow, and I love the changes.

I also love being invited to dinners at friends houses, having friends over and enjoying dinner sitting on a patio. Talking about everything and nothing.

I’d never had grilled corn on the cob, or turkey burgers, but they were really quite good. I was in charge of making dessert. I find it funny that I’m always asked to make dessert. But they would probably be disappointed if they asked me to make a salad. They aren’t very exciting.

Dessert… THAT can be exciting. I didn’t get a good picture of the finished product but I made a Pavlova. Sweet mixed berries, whipped cream, all on a bed of crispy/tender meringue.

By the time we had dessert it was too dark to take good pictures, and I had made the whipped cream too soon so it fell a bit when I put the berries on. It turned into a mess.

A wonderfully sloppy delicious mess.

But I did get to take my first spin in a hammock, which was exciting and terrifying at the same time.

But the view from a hammock is quite beautiful.

My friends think I’m nuts for taking my camera with me and taking pictures of things they didn’t understand. But that’s alright.

They will get used to it.

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