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Buying In Bulk

I have a new love. The bulk bins at our local Winco Supermarket. I’ve never shopped bulk before but I find I now am in love.

Bulk Grains

Not only could I find the plain couscous that I had a hard time finding, but it was a hell of a lot cheaper! I also found some flour that I had never used before that I’ve wanted to try, some pasta… I love it. This time I bought some quinoa, orzo, spelt flour, couscous, semolina flour, and basmati rice.

And then the spices. The main reason I was excited about bulk spices was because of my pitiful failed curry project. I didn’t want to spend all this money on spices that I wouldn’t even know if I liked, so instead of spending $2-$3 on a small bottle of spice, I ended up spending around $0.20 instead and still had plenty of spices left over.

Bulk Spices

The only problem with buying in bulk is trying to find containers for what you’re buying, especially if it’s something new.

Pretty Spice Jars

There really is just something so beautiful with the spices in a glass bottle. It makes it easier to see how much is left of the spice, plus its just more appealing than those darn plastic ones…

Uh oh… I feel something strange is about to happen…

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