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Bread Slicing

I love making bread at home, but I do have one issue with that.

My skills with a bread knife and cutting in a straight line leave much to be desired. Its also probably why I can’t cut fabric in a straight line either. I think I have a genetic disposition to having a crooked hand.

Bad Slicing Of Bread

I really hate the fact that my bread all turns lopsided when I try to cut into it. If you notice the cinnamon swirl bread on the right, the slice was rather lop sided. Either one end ends up twice as thick as the other or just all around retarded looking when I would come after it with a knife to enjoy its yeasty goodness.

I also hated the fact that I could never slice a good slice for a sandwich. Not only was it horribly lop sided but also super thick. More conducive to french toast than a turkey sandwich.

I had been thinking of buying a bread slicing guide online, but they always had such bad reviews for being cheap, thin plastic that would break or crack easily if used often.

Bread Slicer

But then I found this “beauty” while at a local thrift store. I love thrift stores, I think a good portion of my cooking and baking supplies have come from there. It only cost about $3 and was a nice sturdy plastic. I almost didn’t get it since I thought I would never use it.

I use it multiple times a day.

Slicer Action

Its great because each slice is the same width and perfect for a sandwich. PLUS you don’t have that weird bread tilting thing going on after I’ve cut the bread.

Who knew that such joy could be found for only $3…

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