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Tuesday Tea Time: Adagio Haul 2014

Adagio Tea Box

This past week was a waiting game for me. After spending so much time not buying things for myself and focusing on the nitty gritty of life, I decided to be a wild child and order some new teas from my favorite loose tea company: Adagio.

Granted, they are my favorite since they are the only people I have really ordered tea from online. However, I have yet to be disappointed.

If you remember before, I posted about some samples a few years ago about my very first order from Adagio. I decided I needed to clean out my tea cabinet and found the little sample tins again. Sadly, I used up all the herbal ones and only had the caffeinated ones still. I had to really cut caffeine out of my life and so those are not going to get used.

It’s rather a good thing that I didn’t use them anyways since they were 4 years old! Loose herbal or mixed teas should last about 6 months according to my research, and up to 12 months for good quality pure tea.

They are long past their use by dates! Yuck. I’m sure they would be perfectly safe to consume but who knows.

So I ordered my tea and had to wait all the way to the weekend for it to arrive. I admit to going a little crazy with the ordering, but I was so excited to finally spend money on myself that I just couldn’t resist getting ALL the samples that I’ve been curious about plus larger sizes of the teas I loved from last time. I was so excited when the husband and I went to pick up the mail.

However I was not so excited to see this big rip in the box.

Ripped Tea Box

Luckily all of my tea was inside and nothing appeared to be missing or damaged. I wasn’t so sure at first since the inside of the box faintly smelled of fruit, but that could just be the bags themselves or maybe some scent from the warehouse? Everything is perfect and in order. Yay tea!

Lots Of Tea Samples From Adagio Tea

So here’s what I got:

Herbal Tea:

Adagio Sour Apple and Berry Blues Herbal Tea

I re-ordered two of the samples from the last order, Berry Blues and Sour Apple. Fantastic teas. These I ordered the size up from the sample, which is 3oz. Now how much exactly is 3oz of tea? I believe it varies from type to type since its based on weight, but in this bag of fruit pieces is 1.3 cups of tea. When you think about it, that’s a lot of tea since you generally use 1-2 teaspoons of tea per serving. I think these are going to last a little while.

I also ordered lots of samples of other herbals.

Adagio Lemon Grass and Blood Orange Herbal Tea

Adagio Berry Blast, Dewy Cherry, and Mango Melange Herbal Tea

Berry Blast, Blood Orange, Dewy Cherry, Lemon Grass, and Mango Melange. They all sounded delicious, you have no idea how excited I am.

Decaf Black Tea:

Since I have officially given up caffeine (except in the event of a very rare migraine) I really have missed having my delicious Chai in the morning. I haven’t been able to find that one great decaf Chai that I know is out there, but I figured I could also take my hand at trying my own. I really hope the decaf has little to no caffeine in it, and not like decaf Starbucks coffee that is just toned down a bit from the regular.

Adagio Decaf Peach and Decaf Vanilla Black Tea

Adagio Decaf Spice and Decaf Ceylon Black Tea

The samples I ordered are Vanilla, Spice, Ceylon and the random wild card of Peach. I think of peach as a wild card since I have never had a fruit flavored black tea. The others I think I will like, especially with milk and sugar.

White Tea:

Very sad, I only ordered one lonely sample of white tea.

Adagio White Pear Tea

White Pear intrigued me, I recently have started eating fresh pears and figured why not. I previously ordered a white peach, and I think I remember liking it. The only thing I’m iffy on is the fact that it’s not decaf, though white tea has such little caffeine that it might as well be classified as decaf. I’m going to try drinking this in the mornings and see how it affects me.

I’ve noticed one huge difference in how Adagio sends their tea out. The previous samples I ordered came in little tins. Now the samples have all come in little resealable bags.

Adagio Tea Sample Container Differences

Now this change is not really that bad. I did love getting the little tins because they would stack nicely and didn’t take up a lot of room. The only bad thing about those tins were actually getting the tea out. The tea was packed in so tightly that it was hard to get a proper scoop. These bags are nice because you can get a great scoop out of, but they don’t stack as nicely or look as cool in the tea cabinet. It’s really not a huge deal, but I prefer tins. I’ll have to go and get some tins so that I can store these lovely teas better.

I’m hoping to start a tradition of Tuesday Tea Time, I have lots to share of my other favorite teas and tea gadgets/stuff and life seems to be calming down a bit so writing should happen a lot more often.


*Edit: It wasn’t until hours later after publishing this post that I realized it’s not Tuesday, and I got a little over excited about my tea and published it early. Oh well, I have plenty to talk about on Tuesday also! I’m blond, it happens.

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