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The Return…Of Almonds

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been a long and tough road this last year or so. Between work and personal stresses I just had to take a break from posting. That’s not to say that I haven’t been in the kitchen, I never stopped cooking and taking pictures, they just never made it into a post.

Then the other day I got a phone call from my husband during my lunch break. Evidently Grandma and her beauty shop friends were discussing my lack of posting on here and they were not to happy about it either. Grandma then took it upon herself to fax my husband several recipes to try and get my creative juices flowing.

That was quite a happy moment to have during the “fun” of my work day.

Thanks Grandma. It’s much appreciated. You guys rock.

Roughly a year ago the husband and I moved. I hate moving. It’s probably the biggest life disruptions ever. What I also hated was moving from a very large kitchen to a smaller one. I ended up losing more than 10 cabinets!

Somehow during all that stress my body just started craving chocolate! I normally don’t have chocolate cravings, so in an effort to try and feed that stress craving and keep my health up during an annoying move I decided to come up with a more nutritional way to feed the need. Plus I needed something simple. Most of my stuff was either still in boxes or completely lost in the void that is moving.

Raw Whole Almonds

Chocolate and almonds will always go great together, so I decided to coat some almonds on chocolate and see how that worked for me.

Whole Toasted Almonds

I bought a bag of whole raw almonds and toasted them for a little bit in a pan. I’m sure you can easily do this in your oven, but it was hot (our new house does not have AC) and I just didn’t feel like heating up the house more by having the oven running.

Almonds and Chocolate

Make sure to let them cool completely, or else the chocolate won’t stick very well to the almonds. It also helps to have the melted chocolate close to room temperature.

Coating Almonds In Chocolate

I used super dark chocolate and barely used enough to cover the almonds. I wanted to taste chocolate but not actually eat a whole lot of it, plus when it’s nice and dark you don’t really need a whole lot of chocolate to feel satisfied (at least in my opinion)

Chocolate Covered Almonds

I laid them out on parchment paper to set, but since it was so warm I ended up putting them in the fridge to finish setting. I also kept them in fridge since they melted really easily.

I don’t think I can express to you how addicting these are. I think I ate almost all of them. It was so hard to keep myself from going to the fridge every few minutes to grab another handful of them.

I highly suggest trying these. I can just imagine putting some of these in some ice cream too… But mine didn’t make it that far!

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