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Obsessive Cake Frosting

Sometimes at night we get horrible sweet cravings. Since I’m more sensitive to sugar now and I’m trying to make healthier eating habits we don’t keep as much sweet stuff in the house anymore. But there are those nights/days where we think “gotta have sugar!”

One of those days I found a cake mix and frosting in my pantry. Awesome. However, weird things happen when I decide to get creative in the kitchen.

I get a little obsessive. And slightly crazy.

Simple Cakes

First you take your perfectly cooked, unsuspecting cakes and let them cool. It’s better to frost cakes when they are completely cooled, or else the frosting will just tear up the cake.

Headless Cake

Then… Off with their heads! That statement generally comes out just after I finished topping off the last cake and I start waving the knife around and laughing while “off with their heads” plays in my mind. I wonder if the cakes are sad to see their heads sitting on a plate…

See, told you I’m crazy.

Yummy Cake Bits

But no worries, their poor removed bits were quite tasty.
Why do I suddenly feel like Hannibal Lecter?


I always put the cake cut side down on whatever platter I’m frosting on. This way the top is perfectly leveled. A bit obsessive and I’m not sure if my reasoning is correct, but I like it. It is always advised to put wax or parchment paper under the cake in overlapping pieces, keeps the platter clean from the frosting.

I just realized I should have cleaned the kitchen before taking pictures.

Layer Cake

After putting a layer of frosting on the bottom layer, I put the other layer (cut side down again) on the frosted layer. Look, it’s level!

Finished Frosting

And now its obsessively finished, I tried getting completely perfect and smooth sides, but it didn’t work too well. But the sides were pretty awesome. I should have gotten a shot of my offset spatula, its “blade” is about 8 inches long which makes it GREAT for frosting cakes and making almost smooth sides.

Clean Cake Platter

This is why I put pieces of wax paper under my cake, so I can pull them out and not have frosting making a mess of my pretty platter. I think I learned that on the food channel or something.

Beautiful Display

Now unfortunately my pretty display of cake didn’t last too long. The husband decided he wanted a big slice, but that’s ok. I’ll find something else to be obsessive about.

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