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New Hardware

I love kitchen gizmos and gadgets. Especially ones that REALLY will make my projects easier.

A while back I decided I wanted to make fresh pasta. Why? Well, because I could. Plus I had never had fresh pasta and really wanted to try it. So I went out and bought a manual one.

Manual Pasta Machine

It served its purpose, it helped me make pasta. But there really is one bad thing about it. Its MANUAL. As in you crank it to pull the pasta through.

I can’t tell you how tired my arm was after doing this. It was really quite annoying. Unfortunately now I’ve lost that damn handle crank so I can’t even use the stinking machine.

But then the times change…

I was given a KitchenAid mixer for my wedding, which I think was one of the best things ever to happen to me in the kitchen. It made everything easier.

Later I was given these for my birthday or Christmas (can’t remember which):

Auto Pasta Rollers

The pasta roller and cutter attachments for my lovely mixer. The heavens opened and the angels started to sing!

Well not really, but that would have been pretty awesome.

Unfortunately they got put in the back of a cabinet and I didn’t find them until months later, still sealed in the box, behind my crock pot. I knew I had to break them open and put them to use. But first it really did take me forever to figure out how to get them attached to my mixer.

I’m not one for reading directions.

Awaiting Pasta

Isn’t it AWESOME!? I love it. And now I’m off to make pasta…

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