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Men And Bacon

I truly believe that there only a few things that men need in life.

Crispy Bacon



And bacon.

And I’m really not quite sure about the order of that list either. Especially since I asked him if all he needs are boobs, beer and bacon. His answer was “You’re all I’ll ever need” and then gazed longingly at the bacon as it cooked in the pan and gave me a kiss on the shoulder.

This has got to be the one smell that will always bring the Husband running. He loves bacon, so do I, but we rarely have it at home. It has to be the most dangerous meat we have in the house. Once it’s cooking, you know within 30 minutes it will generally be gone. Neither of us can resist.

It was especially dangerous since I decided to make different flavors of dog treats for my pup. I think after a while she might get sick of eating only peanut butter ones. This time I decided to make bacon ones. Similar to the ones I’ve made before but this time with bits of crunchy bacon in it.

This meant of course I had to buy some bacon. I also knew I had to buy two pounds of it since one had to go to the recipe and Husband would pout and steal bacon from the dogs recipe if I didn’t buy him some also.

That’s right. He’s male, he would steal bacon from his beloved dog. He just can’t help himself.

But then again I can understand the lure.

Cooking Bacon

Who could resist the lure of bacon? The wonderfully salty meat, that cooks itself in its own fat it drips from itself. I love bacon that is almost deep fried in its own fat. Crispy and melts in your mouth, bacon is my favorite meat.

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  • haha. This is so true. I love it. The 3 necessities in a mans life!