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Make It Ahead

When I first started at my job a few years ago, I worked the early shift (same as I work now most days of the week) which meant I had to be at work at 5:00am, or sometimes even earlier depending on the day and how much work was ahead of us. I think the earliest I got to work at one point was 3:30am. That’s just obscene but at the same time I would go in that early and not get up until 10:00am, then I finally realized “wait, I’ve been sitting for almost 7 hours without getting up…ugh.”

There is always an upside to that type of situation though. You learn new ways to deal with your new life.

Freezing Orzo

Needless to say that when I finally got off of work and came home I would NOT feel like slaving in the kitchen for a meal. Many times my dear husband would have to fend for himself since I would only have the energy to make enough for me, plus he wouldn’t get home for a few more hours.

So to compensate for the tiredness and lazyness that came from the schedule, I started making my own lunches in bulk (which would turn into dinner sometimes). I was queen of the home made frozen meals. It’s great since I can’t just cook for one or two people most of the time, but I also started making things in bulk, mostly starches.

Instead of taking the time out of my day to cook rice, pasta, or any other type of grain I wanted, I would instead make 1-2 boxes of it at a time and freeze the rest in individual portions. It made it a LOT easier to keep track of my portions as well as let me relax more at the end of the day. Plus, less dishes to clean up. Just throw away the bag after reheating.

I love it. Especially when I’m feeling tired and lazy.

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