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Kneading Bread

Mixer Kneading Dough

One of my favorite things to make lately is bread. Unfortunately bread takes a fair amount of kneading to create the right texture for baking. To me this is unfortunate because of a wrist injury that acts up whenever I try to knead bread dough by hand.

I really don’t think you can knead by “hand” without using your wrist. But quite a thought huh?

So in order to make my bread, I have been using a bread machine to mix the dough or even my KitchenAid mixer with the dough hook attached.

The texture is great and I haven’t really noticed a difference between using the machines and doing it by hand. I’ve seen the recipes for the no knead breads but have yet to try them. With my wrist issues it might be the next thing I should start looking into.

The one nice thing about using a bread machine for kneading is that it will also do a rise for you as well. Not really needing to find a warm place to stash your dough in while it rises.

What do you think? Convenience vs. tradition?

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