Inspired/Insane Cooking

We all know about my love of making mass meals to freeze and have waiting to take to work.

Well I think I got just a little too inspired the other day in my cooking conquests.

Waiting for packaging

I made 3 different meals, and enough to feed an army as well. I really do have this really annoying habit of not being able to cook for 2 people easily.

Lots Of Food

This time I made Un-Stuffed Bell Pepper, Beef Stew/Chili, and Balsamic Chicken Pasta.

Very motivated.

Very crazy.

Very dirty kitchen.

I guess I was hungry.

Mass Meals

I made a total of 19 meals. Holy crap that’s a lot of food. I could have very easily just had a party and fed the entire block.

I need a nap just looking at all that.


  • I don’t think this is insane. I think it is very smart. If you play your cards right, you won’t have too much cooking to do, for a while and you will eat well.

  • It’s true, I don’t have to cook for work for weeks, which is always nice. I love it when others think I’m smart when I think I’m crazy 🙂