Sometimes when you’ve had a rough time of it, you just need a little inspiration to get yourself motivated to do something. Try something new. Just DO anything.

That’s happened to me this past week. I’ve been stressing out severely about getting my blood drawn for the first time in 8 years. Now to normal people this isn’t a big deal, but to a needle-phobic… It’s a huge and terrifying thing. Too many bad, bad experiences…

So while I was trying to get through the neurotic stress of waiting for the time to come where my schedule will allow for it, I found other ways to occupy myself.

My Folder

I’ve been “adopted” by my husbands Grandma, which is pretty awesome since I haven’t had one in my life since I was about…12? If that.

What’s awesome is that she likes sending me recipes in the mail. Not even like links in email. She’s old school. Its clippings from the newspaper and magazines.

Lots Of Them

Granted some of those on top are the food section to one of the local papers here, but still the most are from her.


Who can complain about the inspiration and different techniques that can be found in news papers or other random places? Its awesome! I didn’t actually realize how much I had until I started pulling it all out.


I haven’t made any of the recipes yet, shame. But then again I haven’t made any of the recipes that I’ve clipped myself, double shame.

I do have to admit there is one part about it all that is my favorite. Notice all the little post-its and little notes paper clipped to some of the pages? Those are from Grandma. It makes me smile that she likes to write little notes, its just another one of those things that makes me feel squishy inside because she thought about me enough to write me a little note and put it in the mail.

Grandma Note

That’s right Grandma.

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  • Thank you Michelle, yes, you are special. Grandma