Sep 7, 2009 - In The Kitchen    3 Comments

Growing Green Onions Indoors

There are times where I think I have a black thumb. Its not green, it kills things. An old coworker I had once gave me three tomato plants one year. Guess how many tomatoes I got off of those suckers?


Yep. Just Three.

I told you my thumb is black.

Now I’ve decided to try again. But this one involves no dirt, feeding, composting, or any of that crap. Just water.

Green Onion Starts

I saw this in a magazine sometime before, that you can just stick the green onion bottoms in some water and you have instant onions! Well maybe not instant, they do have to grow a bit.

Besides this is kind of a fun project to do now that the weather is starting to cool off here and it’s really not a good time to be planting anything out side.

I’ll let you know next week how its doing!


  • I must try this! How long did it take to grow? Did you purchase green onions at a grocery store and then used the bottoms? Sorry, I’m full of so many questions! I’ve always wanted to garden but was never blessed with a green thumb. Gardening can be so tricky; but this, this I think I can do.

  • I did an update on it about a week later, and in about a week they had grown… maybe 8 inches? So they grow really quickly. At one point I got sick after “planting” these and just let them go wild for about 2 weeks without using them…I think I had about 24″ stalks! Of course they were bent over and a bit sad looking but they kept growing! They are also not quite as hardy as super fresh from the ground ones, so I usually just use my kitchen shears to cut them down to size into the dish rather than a knife.

  • Oh, and yes they are just the bottoms of store bought ones. I left about 2″ from the roots to let them grow.