Sep 14, 2009 - In The Kitchen    2 Comments

Green Onions Update

Well it really did work.

Growing Onions

I didn’t kill them! The only thing I did was change the water half way through the week. I’m really shocked at how quickly these things grew. I’ve seen the obligatory growing a potato in a jar but I never really grew up with growing an onion so this is pretty neat. The edible science experiment. Maybe the schools should look into growing onions instead of potatoes, and then teach them how to use the onions!

I think I’m reaching a little far with today’s school systems.

Oh well, at least I have fresh onions for this winter.


  • This is awesome! I will definitely be doing this.

    About how much sunlight would you recommend? My house doesn’t get a lot of window sunlight, unfortunately, but I do have a couple grow lights for herbs.

  • I just have mine in a window that gets some consistent sun. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount it seems, I’ve had my latest batch growing all winter.