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Fried Eggs and Rice, Most Awesome Breakfast Ever

Fried Eggs On Rice

I would say my husband thinks I’m crazy, but in reality he already knows I’m crazy and to him this is just more proof.

I hadn’t tried a fried egg until earlier this year. I know. I must have lived such a sheltered life of only eating scrambled eggs. It wasn’t really sheltered though, more like stubborn and picky. I thought the yolk thing would be nasty, all oozy and gelatinous coming out of my eggs. But one day I got a wild hair to eat a fried egg like my dad used to make them for my sister and himself every Sunday.

When I finally made it, I was beside myself with glee. I couldn’t believe I had gone so long without trying this ooey gooey deliciousness.

I started eating them every day for breakfast. Usually over a slice of toast that I could use to soak up all of the yolk-y deliciousness. But then I had a craving for rice.

Steamed Rice

Yep, rice.

I started at work one day, I just had an overwhelming need to have rice for dinner. Then the craving shifted to having eggs AND rice. Together.


When I told my husband about it he thought I totally lost it. He wanted no part in the eggs and rice dinner, but that’s fine. More for me! I seem to make this every day, and make sure to keep extra rice on hand just for this purpose.

Twins In My Eggs

So when I decided to finally share this weird breakfasty thing with everyone, I had another surprise! Twins! This picture really creeps my husband out. The whole twins for breakfast just does not sit right with him for some reason.

Whatever. It’s cool. Mine.

Eggs Frying

Deliciously fried in a little bit of butter, then placed on top of a hot bed of steamed rice. My mouth is actually watering a little bit thinking about it. And not too much rice either. I measure it on my digital scale to roughly 100 grams (not sure what that is in cups, 1/2 cup?) so that I get the right ratio of eggy goodness to rice.

Eggs Over Medium Over Rice

I’m not sure what it is about the rice. It could just be a textural thing, I like the mouth feel of the rice grains mixed with the yolks. Plus when you break the yolk over the rice then it just oozes down into the rice and gets even more awesome.

Does anyone else think this is delicious or is it just me? I’ve never really heard of anyone else doing this as breakfast, and if anyone else has recipes that are like this let me know. Because damn, this is awesome.

Fried Eggs On Rice


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