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Fresh Pasta

Now I have my pasta attachments for the KitchenAid mixer, I can make the pasta a heck of a lot easier than before with that stupid manual machine. I would relegate it to the craft area of my life but without the crank handle its just a door stop.

But now on to the pasta.

Pasta Bowl

This was actually the inspiration for making the pasta. I bought this a few years ago with a friend when we were going to thrift stores. The thing I really love about it is the recipe and instructions that line the outside of the bowl.

Bowl Close-up.

The recipe is ok, its not perfect and I could never get it to come out right. But then comes along Pastor Ryan and his trip to The Pioneer Woman’s place and made his own fresh pasta. This time I used that recipe and method of making the pasta. There aren’t any pictures of the process since I was home alone and my hands completely covered in sticky pasta dough.

Its a little hard to be a camera wielding maniac when you’re afraid of mucking up your camera. I’m such a weenie sometimes.

Pasta Dough

I made a double batch of pasta, a total of 8 eggs I think. Either way it was a LOT of dough. I really should just make things in smaller batches. I guess that’s just one of my charms though.

After I left it to rest for a minute (and cleaned up my mess) I put one bundle in the fridge to use later as ravioli (more on that later) and started working on one bundle to use as dinner of fresh pasta and leftovers.

Rolling The Dough

My roller attachments made it so much easier to roll out the pasta. I only had it on speed 2 and it just went beautifully. I was in heaven. But then usually I do something stupid.

Lots Of Pasta

Like this. Really? You shouldn’t do that. All my dough did was stick together and force me to re-roll a good portion of it.

Better Way To Lay Out

This would have been much smarter to do at first. Then they won’t stick nearly as bad to the counter as they wait their turn to be cut into lovely ribbons of deliciousness.

Where To Put It?

I’m really good at not thinking things through. Such as when I decide to roll out a ton of pasta and want to dry it but really don’t have anywhere to dry it. So the pasta ended up sitting on top of my mixer with a wooden spoon while I looked for some way to dry it. I had never dried pasta before so I really didn’t know what I was doing.

Sometimes I feel like the village is missing their idiot and some day I’m going to be dragged back kicking and screaming.

Drying The Pasta

Don’t mock me. This is the only solution I could come up with. Its my clothes drying rack that I cleaned off and floured. It was my best solution at the time, but really there is a better solution.

Only make enough for what your actually going to eat! There was a LOT of pasta, especially since I just rolled everything out after I tried to make ravioli. Notice I said “tried”. It was a disaster so I ended up with just a whole lot of pasta. I ended giving a good portion to a friend so she could make dinner for her husband.

The pasta itself tasted great, and it cooks crazy fast which is nice for dinner. Next time I won’t be rolling them quite as thin, probably a little on the thick side for more texture.

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