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Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Carmel Cupcakes

Thats right. Dark chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. Have you ever heard of anything that just makes your insides just start dancing, anticipating the sugar high that is about to ensue? This causes it.

This was an experiment in all things I haven’t made before. Salted caramel, chocolate frosting, and home made cup cakes. The difference between a scratch cupcake and a box cupcake is really quite different. The box is very sweet, almost falling apart while these were a little bit denser and not nearly as sweet. But then again the lack of sweetness in the cake itself was good since all the caramel and frosting.

I got the recipe that my partner and crime used from Martha’s new cookbook on cupcakes. I’ve been teased by this book for a few weeks and finally decided it had to be done. Luckily I had help and we made awesome stuff.

Dripping Caramel

The big thing that stood out for me with this recipe was the fact that they were filled with caramel. And not just any caramel, but home made, salted caramel. The salt adds this little extra flavor and truly brings out the flavor in sweet desserts, it makes it just taste awesome. Every dessert should have salt in it in my opinion, as long as its used correctly.

To get the caramel in the little bites of cake you have to cut a little bit out of the center and then drizzle the hot caramel into them. As you can see by the dripping we got a little careless. Plus it was a little difficult to get it in there since as it cooled it got thicker and stringier.

Piping Job

I also used a piping bag for the first time for the frosting. In the beginning it was a little difficult to get it going, and I had to figure out how much pressure to use to get it to look somewhat decent. But I think I started getting it near the end. The recipe made about 60, so I had a bit of time to practice!

Everything had a pretty good flavor, but I don’t think I would be making these all the time. Besides the fact that I can only have 2 at a time before its too much sugar for me.

I do have to admit though, caramel filled cupcakes are quite impressive. That lovely explosion of chewy caramel surprise was really worth it to try the recipe.

I need to find my ‘go to’ cupcake recipe. This one I’m not posting because of possible copyright issues and it really wouldn’t go into my personal recipe book, its impressive but just not…THAT good.

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