Jun 3, 2009 - Poultry, Sandwiches, Sauces    2 Comments

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

This sandwich was the whole reason behind making the cranberry sauce a few weeks ago.

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

I think it has something to do with the fact that now my random craving/want has changed from chocolate. Now, its cream cheese. It’s really random to have that switch, but I’ve done worse.

My absolute favorite thing to have in the morning now is cream cheese and cranberry sauce on ciabatta bread.

It’s love. Really. It is.

But back to the sandwich. The funny part about this sandwich is that I was trying to copy something I had gotten off of a Roach Coach that comes by early in the morning at work. They have a sandwich very similar to what I made and somehow I became addicted to it in the early morning hours of work.

The bottom bread layer has a light dusting of mayo, while the top is cream cheese and cranberry sauce, with lettuce and turkey sandwiched between the two layers of heaven.

Mmmmm Sandwich

But mine tastes a whole lot better.

I love having the ciabatta bread since the cream cheese can get stuck in the little pockets and you bite into the sandwich to get a nice blast of cream cheese randomly throughout. I think this would taste a lot better with real roasted turkey instead of the lunch meat stuff, but its really just too dang hot to roast some turkey right now. I’ll just wait for Thanksgiving or some other turkey prevalent holiday.


  • I had a rotisserie turkey and cranberry sandwich from a La Madeleine’s in Austin once; it was heavenly. But when I went back, it was no longer on the menu! My mouth is watering, I must try this soon!

  • It really is heavenly. It also tastes much better with home made cranberry sauce. I haven’t seen this in a restaurant but I wouldn’t be surprised, I would just order and be a happy girl.