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Cracking Open The Apple Pie Moonshine

I cracked open the apple pie moonshine this weekend, and man it is good!

Moonshine Reveal

This stuff is dangerous. I know I made it with Everclear, but I really thought that it would be diluted with all the juice I added to it. So imagine my surprise when I cracked it open after 3 weeks and found it so strong!

But of course it had to come from the loving husband that I forgot to take in to account the fact that the juice would likely ferment as well and increase the percentage of alcohol. I used a hand dandy online calculator when I made it, and it said that at the time of mixing it would be roughly 30 proof (16%-ish alcohol).

However, what I ended up with is more akin to jet fuel than a slightly strong cocktail! Wowza it is strong!

Glass Of Moonshine

Don’t fill your glass this full. If I drank this whole glass, I would be laying on the floor and drooling. I would maybe fill a shot glass and sip it, than have a full glass.

Then again, I am a huge lightweight when it comes to drinking.

I really like the flavor. It turned out a little strong in the cinnamon, so next time I make it I would not leave the cinnamon sticks in it (I actually removed the sticks after the bottles sat a few days in the pantry, if I would have waited any longer then it would be way too overpowering and undrinkable in my opinion).

I now want to start experimenting with other types of infused alcohols. I’ve done a lot of reading and I think I could make some really awesome concoctions. Mango infused tequila anyone?


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