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Marinated Salmon

For dinner Saturday, I decided to do something that I had not done in several years since living with my family.

Italian marinated salmon.

Marinating Salmon

Whenever we would make salmon, we would let it marinade in Italian salad dressing. We liked to use a really good one, like the one at Olive Garden (you can buy it by the bottle from the restaurant).

We usually would marinate the salmon for a few hours before grilling it. It’s always easiest to just stick it in a zip-top bag and put in just enough dressing to cover the meat on all sides. It always tasted wonderful.

Now that I no longer live near my parents, two states away now, I started just using a little garlic, pepper and dill on my salmon and cooked it in a pan inside. I really am NOT a grill-master.

But Saturday I wanted what I remembered from home. I think everyone does that at some point, comfort food I guess. I bought some dressing and made my yummy food.

It definitely tastes different than just using the spices. The vinegar in the dressing gives it a slightly tangy and sweet flavor all at once. Finishing the meal with some broccoli drizzled in lemon juice and roasted potatoes. YUM!

Cooked Salmon