Sep 10, 2009 - In The Kitchen    Comments Off on Bulk Blackberry Honey

Bulk Blackberry Honey

I love buying in bulk. I always love walking through the little aisles and finding something new to try.

This time I decided I wanted to try the honey. I never really knew there was a difference to honey until now. At the store I shop in, they have 3 different types of honey to bulk buy. Blackberry, Clover and Orange.

Blackberry Honey In Bulk

I’ve always bought clover honey in a bear jar, usually the cheapest one I could find too. I’m not sure if buying this in bulk is really cheaper but its nice to have a little variety in the honey that I like to sprinkle on my toast.

Yes toast. Don’t judge me.

Blackberry Honey

I have to admit I was really surprised at how thick and dark this honey is. Its quite tasty and has a little bit of a fruity flavor to it, obviously. Its just so much deeper than I thought it would be and that makes me very happy.

Next time I’ll be getting the Orange honey just to try it.

Using a funnel

Next time I won’t use a funnel or at least get a bigger funnel since it took FOREVER to get the honey into the bear with how thick it is.

Anyone know of any good recipes to use my honey with?

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