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Better Homes And Garden New Cook Book

I made some brownies a little bit ago and I had some difficulty finding a recipe for it! It’s not the fact that there wasn’t ONE recipe for them, there were about 50 (I have lots of cook books).

After going through so many of my books, I took the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens new Cook Book circa 1953. And now just reading the fine print I realize that the book is a fifth printing, first edition. Huh, cool. I guess that is rather fitting since this is the book that Grandma has used for years and now has given me. I don’t think I could get rid of this book really.

BHG cook book cover

I like the fact that it is an old book, since many recipes that you find in the older books you can’t find anymore. It’s almost as though they are disappearing for the next newest and greatest thing. If you don’t have a really awesome Grandma like we do, then you’ll probably have to get this one from a thrift store or antique mall.

BHG recipe book

I love this book for sentimental reasons, the overall layout, the fun little additions like a huge list that converts everything into different measurements. But since I have only done one recipe out of it so far, I don’t think I can judge whether or not its the best on the planet. But I still love it!

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