My name is Michelle and I’ve got an addiction to the kitchen.

I never really cooked growing up, and when I did I remember that we used a lot of things from boxes and cans. My sister was the one who loved trying new recipes and making things from scratch. I was not too enthused by it back then.

By the time I hit college and left home, I had the sudden urge to start cooking. We had a tradition in the dorms to have a dinner we made once a week. Dorm food is not so great.

When I moved into my own place with my now husband, I wanted to make all of the things he loved eating but make them healthier and taste even better. So far I’ve been pretty successful. If I mention my recipe for Sour Cream Enchiladas, he starts to drool.

Now I cook to try and keep up with my changing food tastes and to compensate for the allergies/intolerances that I’m discovering. I love that cooking allows me to learn new things every time I head into the kitchen.

The only downside is the dishes.