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Oats and Groats Pancakes (gluten free!)

Oats and Groats Pancakes

My dear friend Marcy is a nutritionist, so I figure for the most part she’s a good influence on me when it comes to food. But I think that just comes with the territory of her job and her lovable hippy nature.

Once when we went to visit her and her husband, she mentioned making waffles with this recipe that involved buckwheat groats and steel cut oatmeal. It’s supposed to be for pancakes, but she was on a waffle kick and it still worked fine. She liked it because it’s supposed to be really nutritious and also the added bonus of being gluten free. Not that gluten is really a worry for her, but it still made her happy all the same.

Oats and Groats pancake

After I heard about several of my friends having to change their diets to exclude gluten I asked her for the recipe, I figured it would be fun for me to try something gluten free, and then I could share it with those I care about! I thought finding buckwheat groats would be difficult, but they had them in the bulk section of my local store, yippee! Read more »

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Roasted Kale Chips, A New Salty Craving?

Salty Roasted Kale Chips

I’ve now started the journey to eating better and trying to eat homemade rather than store bought junk, because even if you make junk at home it’s still usually better for you than mass produced.

At least that’s my opinion.

One of those things is chips. I love crunchy and salty, and while I’ve found other root chips at the store before (sweet potato, carrot, beet, ect), they were still deep fried and greasy. Not to mention that I could polish off a whole bag in one sitting and then feel completely gross afterwards. Highly addicting.

I tried making my own baked chips at home after I got a mandolin. I ended up with soggy chips and a gnarly slice on my hand from the mandolin. Needless to say I decided the mandolin was for the professionals and took it back.

I rather like my hand where it is.

Fresh Leafy Kale

So I found this recipe on how to make your own baked chips out of kale. I was skeptical because I’ve never eaten kale before, plus it sounded like a bitter leafy green. I decided to take the plunge and try it anyways.
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Apr 21, 2013 - File Icon Marinade/Spice Blends   Comment Icon Comments Off on Mexican/Taco Spice Blend

Mexican/Taco Spice Blend

Lots Of Spices

I’ve been “bad” lately. We haven’t been eating at home as often as I want to, instead we go out to eat or just eat food that isn’t all that good for us. So as you can expect I haven’t been feeling all that awesome. My system feels all out of sorts and like it needs to be “recharged” or at least take it easy on my digestive tract.

One of my biggest downfalls is Mexican food. I love it. I love the spices, the hot and melty cheese, and salsa. I love salsa. Plus a Mexican restaurant is the best place to have a margarita! Those are also a downfall, but I don’t indulge in those too often.

Piles Of Spices

Since my body needs to be given a little break from all the bad for me food, I’ll have to get my Mexican food fix at home. But the only problem is that I hate bagged spices and that’s what I would use for my spices when cooking at home.

No more!

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Apr 2, 2013 - File Icon Alcohol, Drinks   Comment Icon Comments Off on Cracking Open The Apple Pie Moonshine

Cracking Open The Apple Pie Moonshine

I cracked open the apple pie moonshine this weekend, and man it is good!

Moonshine Reveal

This stuff is dangerous. I know I made it with Everclear, but I really thought that it would be diluted with all the juice I added to it. So imagine my surprise when I cracked it open after 3 weeks and found it so strong!

But of course it had to come from the loving husband that I forgot to take in to account the fact that the juice would likely ferment as well and increase the percentage of alcohol. I used a hand dandy online calculator when I made it, and it said that at the time of mixing it would be roughly 30 proof (16%-ish alcohol).

However, what I ended up with is more akin to jet fuel than a slightly strong cocktail! Wowza it is strong!

Glass Of Moonshine

Don’t fill your glass this full. If I drank this whole glass, I would be laying on the floor and drooling. I would maybe fill a shot glass and sip it, than have a full glass.

Then again, I am a huge lightweight when it comes to drinking.

I really like the flavor. It turned out a little strong in the cinnamon, so next time I make it I would not leave the cinnamon sticks in it (I actually removed the sticks after the bottles sat a few days in the pantry, if I would have waited any longer then it would be way too overpowering and undrinkable in my opinion).

I now want to start experimenting with other types of infused alcohols. I’ve done a lot of reading and I think I could make some really awesome concoctions. Mango infused tequila anyone?